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Development of Teacher’s Handbook on Art Integrated learning for schools

The workshop was attended by Ms. Divya Kapoor from 21st to 22nd May 2019 at DEAA, NCERT, Delhi. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Pawan Sudhir, Prof. Art Education at NCERT. It was attended by about 20 teachers from across India. The theme of the workshop was to map the curriculum in different subjects for Art Integration from class I to VIII. The first day of the workshop began with presentation by teachers who have been working in the area of art integration in their respective schools and have done substantial work for the same. Teachers presented their experiences in form of anecdotal records, art work done by their students, videos and power point presentations. Each presentation was followed by a short discussion as to how the projected ideas can be improvised/implemented across different schools in India both in urban and rural areas.

After the presentations, teachers were divided into two group Primary (Classes I to V) and Upper Primary (Classes VI- VIII) to work further. Each group was then given a task to go through the curriculum in different subjects and map the topics/sub-topics which they think can be integrated with arts either visual or performing. The teachers were then asked to brainstorm and design suitable activities for each of the curricular areas mapped by them.

The second day began with a presentation by Ms. Divya Kapoor and Ms. Pornima (Art4All - Mumbai) on Art Integrated mathematics activities for the Upper Primary classes. It was an hour long presentation stating the different activities that can be designed for topics in mathematics like areas, volumes, fractions, congruence etc. After the presentation the groups were given some time to work upon their respective activities. Once the activities were finalised by all the groups along with their brief descriptions, each group came forward and presented their work. The activities were then submitted to the resource person from NCERT for reviewing them further.

It was surely an enriching experience and gave an opportunity to collaborate with teachers across India. It also gave provided a platform to explore how art can be well integrated with different subjects for making teaching and learning a more engaging and fun-filled experience for students.

Optimum Utilization of Substitution Periods

On Saturday, 27th April, 2019, the school Headmistress, Ms Divya Kapoor, conducted a workshop for the teachers and the activity teachers of classes I-V. The theme of the workshop was ‘Optimum Utilization of the Substitution Periods’. Based on the theme the Headmistress showed a Power Point Presentation which included various slides about how a teacher can keep the students engaged and actively enthused during a substitution period. The team of teachers was arranged in groups as per their birthday month, which created a sense of closer bonding amongst each other. As an ice- breaking activity, the Headmistress asked each teacher to describe three traits about themselves out of which 2 were to be correct and one incorrect. The other members had to guess the incorrect trait. Thereafter, the PPT was shown which was indeed very engaging and involving. It emphasized on how we need to work collaboratively with a common vision and intended learning outcomes for the students and
design engaging and meaningful tasks for them. She also put forward a plethora of activities which can be taken up by teacher in the substitution period to help students enjoy and learn new things thus utilizing their time in a productive manner. To maintain the positive momentum among all the teachers, the Headmistress conducted an interesting role play activity wherein, the group of teachers enacted a given classroom situation. The workshop was summed up by showing a motivational video ‘I am a Teacher’
Overall the workshop was an enriching one.


A two days Capacity Building Programme on ‘ENGLISH-X’ focusing on sharing ideas and resources for improvement in teaching learning process was conducted by the CBSE, Centre of Excellence for Teachers teaching, Dehradun. The training was held at Sapphire International School, Noida on 12th & 13th April 2019 and was attended by our Class X English Teacher Ms. Vanita Kaul.


Ms. Neelu (Coordinator classes III to V), attended the National Summit of School Principals on “Childhood Depression – Identification, Prevention and Intervention” organized by ICTRC (Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy) on 20th December 2018 at Multipurpose Hall, India International Centre, New Delhi. The objective of the workshop was to equip the participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are simple to adopt in everyday practice and easily transferrable to teachers, students and parents.


Ms Seema Sharma attended the Panel Discussion conducted by : 'The Hindu' on the topic: Role of Schools in Child Mental Health. It was an enriching experience where the following issues were discussed: Learning issues and socio-emotional behavioral issue in school children. How to spot anxiety or behavioral issues in school children? and various other mental issues seen in school children and solutions which can be followed by the schools.


CBSE Capacity building programme was held in DAV Public School,Sahibabad on 25th &26th September 2018.Ms.Shagun Chadha (PGT Economics) attended the workshop from Pragyan school.The workshop was regarding the changes in economics subject,methods of teaching & guidelines for making the question paper.


Ms Neha Ananth attended workshop conducted by Institute of Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC) on the topic “Addiction in School Children-New Age Challenges “. The workshop was conducted on 26th September,2018 .The workshop was on Addiction of various types like substance addiction , Internet addiction, sexual addiction, gaming addiction and how it effects the young school children and adolescents and what preventive measures that can be used as School Counsellors or teachers.  The workshop was conducted by Mr V.S. Ravindran, who is a renowned Educational Psychologist , Counsellor and Supervises the Delhi Police to cure Drug addicts who were criminals too. It was a learning experience for Ms Neha she will be using this inforamtion in her sessions with students.


Ms Roja attended workshop on 15th and 16th September at Kaushalya world school, GreaterNoida. Topic was capacity Building programme for teachers on “Social science” organised by CBSE and Sahodaya School Complex NCR (East). Resource person Mr Madan Lal and Ms Sanjaya Walia gave detailed information about making question papers and lesson plans using Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Mr Uttar  attended workshop on 15th and 16th September at Scholar's Home, GreaterNoida. Topic was capacity Building programme for teachers on “Hindi ” organised by CBSE and Sahodaya School Complex NCR (East). Resource person  Dr. Diksha kaushik and Mr. Kumudi Sharma gave detailed information about making question papers and lesson plans using Bloom’s Taxonomy..


On 17th February 2018 a workshop on Pranik Healing for teachers was organized. The resource person was Ms. Rubina Batra, who guided and mentored the teachers into the first level of Pranik Healing. After understanding the concept of Chakras and Chakra Healing, the workshop ended with the teachers being led into a 20 minute session of guided meditation.


A workshop on Pain Management was conducted for the teachers of Pragyan School by the team of Fortis Hospital. Dr. Anurag from the hospital explained to the teachers various causes and types of pain through a Power Point Presentation and he also discussed the role of a specialist pain management doctor which is relatively a newer specialty in the field of Medical Science. Several teachers had a one to one discussion also with the team about various cases of Pain.


A workshop on “Inspire to Teach” was organized by AAKASH Institute in Pragyan School, Greater Noida on 10th January, 2018. The aim of the workshop is to motivate teachers and offer them opportunities to act as a role model, guide, counsellor and coach for the learners.  Teachers from class VI-XII attended the workshop to analyze various teaching techniques tools and communication skills through activities. It was a good learning experience for the teachers.


School Principal, Ms. Ruchika Sharma and Middle School Coordinator, Ms. Seema Sharma attended an Orientation Programme conducted by CBSE based on Exam and Evaluation System at Amity International school, Noida on 25th November 2017. The speakers were Hon’ble Secretary CBSE: Mr Anurag Tripathi, NEET Coordinator: Mr Sanyam Bhardwaj, Executive Director( JAB) : Mr Rajbir Singh, Regional Officer Dehradun Region: Mr Ranbeer Singh. ✓Mr Anurag Tripathi Secretary CBSE interacted with the School Principals and Head Examiners and emphasized on the need of quality education and discussed about the tools being used in schools to evaluate classroom achievements, academic evaluation and learning outcome. The Exam Evaluation and the steps to be taken by the CBSE and the schools to improve the evaluation system was also discussed in detail.