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Achievement in Sports

Dedication and hardwork of Saurabh Sharma of class X-A was REWARDED after he became the gold medalist in the International Senior (U-17) Skate Ring Ball Championship held from  21-23 February, 2015 at Bhutan.

He had got selected for the State Roll Ball U-17 Boys championship at Noida. He played matches and won the state gold medal. Uttar Pradesh Roll Ball Association boosted his confidence by selecting him to represent in the Senior National (U -17) Roll Ball championship held at Madgaon, Goa in November 2014. Saurabh has displayed excellent performances in various other Skate Ring ball tournaments as well, held at state and national level. He had attended many practice camps at Noida, Greater Noida, Mathura, Agra and Lucknow where he was trained by the best of coaches and national players. He then headed with his team to Bhutan from February 21 to 23, 2015 and won the International Championship by defeating Pakistan team in the final match by 5-2. He has made his parents, state, country and school proud and we congratulate him for his success. Saurabh was selected for the Uttar Pradesh State Roll Ball team and went to play at Indore from 2nd – 5th May 2015 where he again won the Gold medal.