Parents Speak

Thank you for providing Sarthak Kapoor an opportunity to be a part of English Enrichment-1 classes. He has shown remarkable improvement in both spoken and written English. His understanding of the words and pronunciation have increased, and he has started forming simple English sentences by himself. His reading has improved 2 folds and he is able to read almost stage-2&3 story books with little help. We are very Happy with his improved confidence levels and would like to extend our gratitude towards you and Pragyan.

We also wish and hope that these extended efforts would continue and make him excel in his written and spoken English.

Pinky Singh and Sandeep Kapoor P/o Sarthak Kapoor  Class 1-c

" The day my son Ahaan  joined the school I almost cried. I was skeptical, nervous , scared and unsure how the day would go, However , Kudos to the great faculty and the value system at Pragyan, that made my son a happy , confident  and caring child. He loves everyday at Pragyan, which i  would aptly  coin as a  home away from home"

Ms. Samantha Dutta , M/o  Ahaan IV-A , Aarav KG-A

" We like the teaching system of Pragyan with overall grooming and care of  child. Due to small student teacher ratio, per child attention is good".

Dr. Manju Singh, M/o , Eshita V-A

"Pragyan has  helped my son to realize his dreams and has given him confidence  to pursue the same."

Ms. Deepti Jakhmola , M/o Eshaan VII-B

" The School's work speaks through our daughter  who has discovered her love  for going to school. There is nothing more pleasing  to the parents than to know, that their child is competent and caring hands".

Mrs. & Mr. Ittaman , P/o Mythili S. Ittaman - VIII - A

Pragyan has a very rich method of stress free education. There is no dividing line between play and study. It's so  astonishing  to see that even playing is "designed" to impart knowledge. The education system is so well  worked out  that each child seems doing plethora of works with great enthusiasm and energy. In the evening when children are going back home. You can  see freshness on each face. They are  not tired but rather happy and eager  to share the whole day's joy. I think Pragyan is a precise definition of a School. I am an opportunist to now provide Pragyan to my younger child as well!

Mr. Vikas Jain, F/o Vidit Jain VIII -A

"Pragyan school has a  fine blend of ethics , culture , academics and co-curricular activities which can channelize the energies of children into constructive future. Pragyan gives me the confidence that my children will turn out  to be well-moulded citizens who possess the confidence to achieve their aspirations fearlessly".

Ms. Kavita Kavanal M/o Karan Kavanal - XI

"Pragyan school is a wonderful school. The children are fruitfully engaged every minute of their stay in school. Both academic and recreation aspects are well taken care off. Even after coming back at 4’o clock, children are vibrant, full of energy and happy. My children are studying in school for more than a decade and they have gained academically. They are doing well in sports too. Teachers guide the children sincerely. Principal Mams diligent efforts and Mentor’s vision will take the school to new heights of glory".

Ms. Monica Ahlawat  M/o Rahul Ahlawat X - A and Rohan Ahlawat  VII -A

'From a shy introvert child to one who is at the forefront, be it conducting assembly or a discussion or any competition, my daughter has blossomed in Pragyan school. The hardworking teachers coupled with a detailed curriculum focusing on education, and personality development is the success mantra of Pragyan"

Sandhya Tandon M/o Shruti Tandon X - B


As a special call out for an exemplary team of educators I’d like to point out an example that worked wonders for my daughter Raania who is a student of class 8 B of your esteemed institution. I also need to acknowledge the support and encouragement that she received from all her teachers.

In the beginning of the school year Raania uncharacteristically went through a phase when she was hesitant and unwilling to go to school owing to her past experience in the previous school. But after joining Pragyan In a few days things started to get back to normal and soon Raania was back to her usual happy and confident self. She gained her lost confidence and as a parent I’m overwhelmed to see such a hugely positive change in my daughter’s personality.

This is a perfect example of going above and beyond one’s scope of responsibilities….I’ll be ever so thankful to have such a wonderful set of teachers and such kind, empathetic and most importantly loving principal as Ruchika Ma’am.

Thanks once again....I truly appreciate all your effort Ruchika Mam!!"

Ms. Deepa Gautam M/o Raania Gautam VIII - B