Multi Media Centres

Pragyan School aspires to create and sustain an environment in which the child can learn, explore and discover his own self.

Multi - Media Centres

The school has 5 Multi - Media Centres - two in senior building, two in primary building and one in the pre-primary building. The centres have extensive library of audio-visual capsules related to various subjects. The complex, abstract and not so easy to understand concepts are handled deftly by subject teachers in these centers and learning in deed becomes a pleasurable pursuit. Students are regularly exposed  to the audio- visual capsules which helps them grasp abstract , theoretical concepts.  

In the Pre-Primary wing  students are encouraged to work and play on computers to become computer friendly . They watch educational movies of animals and topics related to ecology and general awareness. They also learn how to read two and three letter words on computer. The multi-media supplement : "Kaaju" has exposed the students to various mathematical concepts and moral value. It has also given them a new friend in the shape of the cartoon character - "Kaaju".