Mission Statement

Pragyan School aims to be an educational institution committed to excellence, providing all-round comprehensive quality education leading to character development. The school’s ethos, ‘Pursuit of Supreme Knowledge’ in a child friendly environment, leading to wholesome development of personality, naturally flows from the amalgamation of its name and motto.

The school, with a mission to be an institution that understands and caters to the changing needs of the society, takes steps to ensure that the process of learning is made a pleasurable and meaningful pursuit rather than a dull and mundane routine. With its feet firmly rooted in Indian culture and ethos, the school aims to integrate traditional values with a modern scientific temper to make its students warm hearted citizens with a global vision.

The school believes that education bereft of community service is incomplete and sensitizes its students to consistently contribute to the improvement of the society through their philanthropic actions.  Grooming the forthcoming  generation to be environmentally conscious, the school endeavourers to safeguard our life sustaining environment.