It has been said that `Journalism is Literature in a hurry`. In the Journalism Club we endeavour to encourage students to improve on creative writing skills. Those students who already possess that spark and interest hone their skills through writing poems and articles which are published in the annual publication of the school or in other magazines like `School Live`. This gives them confidence and exposure to improve further.

The members of this club are also trained in public speaking so as to give them a platform to express their views on a given topic. The ability to speak out our views is now an essential part of Journalism and the members are given ample opportunities to build up that confidence.

The events so far have been are:

1. A visit to Hanuman Mandir was conducted by teachers of the Journalism Club along with fourteen members of the Club. This group of fourteen children included Art students, members of the Photography and the Creative Writers.

2. The Senior Annual Debate-`The Clash of the Titans` held on 18th December, 2017. Where the students of Classes IX-XII with the best debating skills were pitted against each other, debating on the topic `Social Media Activism-all hype, no bite`.

3. The Junior Annual Debate `Rhetoric` held on 6th February, 2018. Where the most talented juniors from classes VI- VIII debated on the topic `Artificial Intelligence is a threat to Mankind`.

4. As comperes for the Senior Annual Day on November 11, 2017. Here they spoke clearly and eloquently, vividly describing each part of the function for the audience.

5. An interview with the famous sculptor Shri Ram Vanji Sutar. Through the club they get the opportunity to interview well-known personalities and learn the art of interviewing.

6. A visit to Sadarjung`s tomb conducted on 28th March 2017 with students of Journalism Club, Photography Club and a few others selected by the art teacher, Ms. Harjeet.

7. Teen Jamghat- Talk show about Big Heroes in our Small World. It was organised by team TeenOpino - a new website portal for teens and their opinions. The show was hosted by Mrs. Richa Aniruddha - Chief Editor of School Live and co-founder of TeenOpino. The two young achievers for the first session of Teen Jamghat were Nadia Nighat –the first woman football coach in J&K and Pradyut Voleti –the founder of Dribble Academy – a basketball academy for underprivileged children in Gheja village, Noida.

The Journalism Club tries to instill a sense of curiosity in the members as to what is going on around them and the ability to write about whatever they observe. In this way we hope to nurture future budding journalists.