Green to the Core

Pragyan is the first planned eco-friendly school in Greater Noida. The building has been designed in a manner that it has naturally well lit corridors, spacious classrooms, large windows which allow light in and ventilators that help to keep the room cool. An attempt has been made by the Architect to use rat-trap bond brick walls which are basically hollow but put together are strong as concrete. This reduces the embodied energy content of the building making it more insulated to balance the conduction of excessive heat and cold. The walls reduce the emission of green house gases. Rain water is harvested for re-use for watering plants and cleaning purposes. The porous bus parking area also helps to preserve water.

The School has always cherished the fact that it is a Green School not only in terms of its infrastructure but also for the fact that the students are regularly sensitized to understand the effect of man's action on our environment. Having adopted innovative and effective environmental practices within its premises, the students are exposed to rain water harvesting, vermi composting and various other practices eagerly carried out in school.

Environmental education is a vital component of Pragyan's Learning Programme. The school endeavours to integrate the essence of environment in all disciplines. All worksheets done during the self study period have stimulating questions based on environment. The school also cherishes the working of its Eco Club that helps sensitize students towards conservation of environment.