Celebration of Water Conservation Week

Water is a vital resource essential for survival of life. But due to our ignorance, it is depleting constantly. It is imperative that the students today should be made aware of the grave water crises the world is facing.

With this objective of creating awareness and sensitizing the students towards importance of water and means of conserving it a week long programme was organized from 17th to 22nd July 2019. A plethora of activities were conducted for different classes.

Day 1 (17th July 2019) –

  • Teacher’s Talk on the topic Water Conservation alongwith power point presentation.
  • Inter Class Activities were conducted across classes I - V on the following themes:
      • Classes I & II – Draw & Tell on the theme ‘Save Water’
      • Class III - Slogan writing on ‘Water a Life Saviour’
      • Class IV – Poster Making on ‘Water Conservation’
      • Class V – Comic Strip Making on ‘Tears of Yamuna’
  • Students of classes IX - XII participated in a group discussion over the topic, “Water conservation” in school Auditorium. The session started with a brief power point presentation on the topic - ‘The current water crisis situation across the globe.’ Students discussed in detail about various strategies to conserve water such as rain water harvesting, digging ponds, lakes, canals, expanding the water reservoir, and installing rain water catching ducts and filtration systems at homes.
  • Students were also apprised of rain water harvesting solutions adopted by the school. The discussion led to several water saving techniques that can be easily implemented in homes such as use of bucket for bathing, not using running water for daily chores like brushing teeth, shaving, washing utensils.

Day 2 (18th July 2019) –

  • Students of class V conducted the morning assembly highlighting the need to save and ways to recharge water. The students presented it through their talk and a skit which was very effective and well presented.

Day 3 (19th July 2019) –

  • An awareness campaign was conducted for classes I to V where they were shown audio and video clippings to build awareness on water shortage and its consequences. There was also a discussion about water shortage problem occurring in different parts of the world.
  • To create awareness for water conservation by enhancing knowledge, students of classes VI to VIII participated in poster making and slogan writing activity. They made posters and wrote slogans to spread the message of water conservation to the whole school. They depicted the dangers that the society is facing due to depleting supply of water, and the immediate steps that need to be taken to rectify it. They drew and coloured pictures and also wrote slogans related to the pictures.
  • To sensitize the students about depleting water level and how one can contribute to increase the ground water level. The students of class XII along with their teacher
    visited various recharge pits present in the school premise. They were informed about, how every drop of rain water collected from different catchment areas present in the school campus reaches these pits and get filtered naturally with the help of pebbles and sand. Finally it percolates down and thus recharges water table.


Day 4 (22nd July 2019) –


  • The week culminated with a special assembly presentation on Save Water, Save Life with a talk, skit and a song and a dance performance.


The week long programme made the students understand the problem of water shortage and ways of using it judiciously. They were also encouraged to share the message with their family, friends and neighbours to help spread awareness in the community. The Principal, Mrs. Ruchika Sharma encouraged the students to work towards water conservation and motivated them towards sustainable use of water and other natural resources through optimum utilization.