Junior Sports & Grandparents Day

Grandparents and Junior Sports Day At Pragyan School, Greater Noida

Pragyan School, Greater Noida, has always believed that games and sports lead to physical development and necessary toughening up for the challenges ahead. Maintaining this ethos, the much-awaited 2018 Junior Sports and Grandparents Day was celebrated on 8th December 2018 with great zeal and excitement. The programme commenced with the impressive March Past by the students of Nursery to Class 2. Ms. Ruchika Sharma, Principal of the school declared the meet open by releasing colourful balloons. Thereafter, the little ones welcomed their grandparents with a mesmerising song acknowledging their love for their grandparents and nurturing this special bond of love. This was followed by a foot-tapping dance presentation by the tiny tots of Nursery and KG. The students of class 2 displayed a series of well-controlled yoga asanas, rendering the spectators with their energetic performances. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. Nursery and KG had fun-filled Transport Race and Fox & the Grapes Race, followed by a well-coordinated drill with dumbbells and colourful umbrellas by the zestful students of class1. Students of classes 1&2 competed in events including Relay Race, Flat Race and Hurdle Race, specially designed to let the children enjoy the sheer thrill of sports.

The day became more memorable and special with a series of interesting events specially designed for the Grandparents. The programme consisted of fascinating games like Ring the Cone, Musical Chairs, Word Game and Passing the Ball. The grandparents participated sportingly and enjoyed whole-heartedly. The little ones constantly applauded for their grandparents.

The School Principal, Ms Ruchika Sharma, addressed the vote of thanks, asserting her pride for the participants because of their effort and presentation. She emphasised that it is not important that the children win or that they are doing well in Mathematics or English. It is far more important that children are happy coming to school. And parents and teachers should work together for this common goal. The programme concluded with the students, teachers and parents singing the National Anthem with pride.