Environment Week Celebration

Environment week” was celebrated by our school from 2nd July to 6th july 2018. This year’s theme was plastic pollution. On this occasion, Eco club raised  awareness about environmental issues and called for action. Students from  classes 6 to 12 were involved in various activities based on awareness and conservation  of environment. The main objective of this celebration is to make younger generation more sensitive towards environmental protection.  Various activities held in the school were :

1. Workshop  on solid waste management

The workshop for classes 6-8 was conducted by two Environmentalists;

Nibedita Mukherjee Project Executive- Climate Change and Sustainability

Anushua Chowdhury-analyst cKinetics,

 Workshop started with an interactive video.  The environmentalists inspired the students to work collectively for the protection of Earth and emphasised on the need to build a greener world.Students learnt about the consequences of plastic thrown into landfills and difference between dry and wet waste. The attention was distinctively paid on the 5 R’s – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. The audience absorbed the cons of the use of the plastic and understood the need to reduce the use of it. Students asked questions to the environmentalist based on the doubts they had. The session ended with the conclusion that “Plastic pollution should be reduced and we’re the only ones who can make the difference.”


2. Growing a herb

Students of class 6 took part in the growing a herb. They were suggest to make small flowering pot with the help of used cup, can, plastic bottles , tetrapack , coconut cover etc. They learnt growing a herb by sowing a seed in their self made pot. They took care of sapling through out the week.


3. Making of compost

Students of class 8 took part in making of compost at home.Composting can divert as much as 30% of household waste away from the garbage can. It can reduce average 1000Kg waste generated by a family of four to 100 Kg thus reducing the garbage generation. Students of class 8AB were explained and demonstrated the making of home compost using kitchen waste. They were also encouraged to have segregation of waste at the home level and also to check that their societies also have separate waste disposal ie Biodegradable and non biodegradable waste collection. Students also performed the steps of composting.


4. Awareness programme ( made placard on conservation of environment)

Students of class 7 took active part in the making of placard. They made placard on car pool, prevent plastic pollution and land pollution , save natural resources. They placed these placard on the various areas of the school like parking area, garden area, near auditorium etc. They spread awareness among students a, teachers and parents etc.


5. Nukkad Natak Competition

Students of classes 10,11 and 12 took part in the Nukkad Natak competiton  based on the theme to end a plastic pollution. They performed in front of students of classes 6, 7 and 8 and spread awareness about the harmful effect of plastic pollution and steps to reduce pollution.


6. Visit to horticulture unit

Sstudents  of class  9 went to visit Greater Noida   Authority   Horticultural  unit at  Sector  Eta -1.  They were guided by Mr. Khan , the Unit charge .Students came to know about the variety of trees and plants.Mr. kedar and  Mr. Aman   showed   saplings of Drum Stick , Amaltas, Jamun,  Mulberry etc. They were shown various agricultural practices like transplantation, irrigation  and ploughing.