`An excellent educational institution with plenty of scope to throw-up good scholars as well as sports people` ……said by Bishan Singh Bedi, former Captain of the Indian CricketTeam about Pragyan School.

Pragyan believes in nurturing the holistic development of a child, where in games and sports play a vital role in the all round development and growth. With this intent the school has  a Cricket Academy.

The Cricket pitch is of International standards and includes two cemented areas for net practice.

Coaching is carried out by Mr. Baruah, an experienced and  well known coach.

The academy  provides the coaching three days a week i.e. Monday,Wednesday and Thursday. Registration for the academy can be done in school. Please contact Mr. Achal (Accounts Department)

Regn Charges (One Time) Rs. 700/-

For Pragyan Students:   Rs. 900/- ( For One Month),Rs. 2500/- (For One Quarter)

For Outsiders:                 Rs.1000/-( For One Month),Rs. 2800/- ( For One Quarter)

For 14Yrs and above 

Regn Charges (One Time) Rs. 700/-

For Pragyan Students:    Rs. 1200/- ( For One Month), Rs. 3400/- ( For One Quarter)

For Outsiders:                  Rs. 1300/-( For One Month),   Rs. 3700/- ( For One Quarter)