"Mindspark - A Maths Programme"

: 2018
: Class 0
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: Anshu Garg

Circular for Classes III – V regarding Mindspark

Dear Parent

We are happy to share that we have introduced an adaptive learning programme of Mathematics – “Mindspark” in classes III to V during this session (2018-19). Mindspark questions are computer based and are designed to help students to learn with understanding, through questions which are finely dreaded and rigour targeted, encouraging higher order thinking and answering the ‘why’ behind Maths. It has a rich content bank of various question types including Interactive, Games, Remedial and Enrichments, making it go hand in hand with whatever is taught in the class. Our teachers are enabled to track the student’s progress at any time through key reports. These reports provide a summary and the details of how each student is progressing on different topics and concepts, also pointing out areas needing attention and improvement.

School Usage: A student spends one period per week in school computer lab on “Mindspark”.

Home Usage: A student can spend about 90 minutes per day on “Mindspark” at home.

Supervision: We understand the importance of parent’s involvement in the child’s learning. To keep a track of your child’s learning on Mindspark, you can monitor your child’s work on Mindspark by visiting the site “www.mindspark.in/login”. The user-id and password has been written in the communication notepad of your child.

We hope that you find this programme beneficial and effective. Looking forward to your feedback.

Warm regards


Ruchika Sharma