Medical Facilities

Pragyan School aspires to create and sustain an environment in which the child can learn, explore and discover his own self.

Medical Facilities

The school has a fully equipped medical room for providing first-aid in case of need to a child. Periodical medical examination of all students is an integral part of the school routine and the record is so maintained that the growth and progress of the children is periodically monitored.

The school has a full time experienced male nurse to look after the medical problems of the students in the medical rooms ( one each in the senior and the Pre- primary block).

All students, from Nursery to Class XII are annually medically examined by a group of experienced physicians. A feedback regarding  the medical status of each student is provided to the  parent. 

Oral hygiene of the students is also considered to be of prime importance. Free Annual Dental Health Checkup Camp is organized in the school for all the students by experienced dentist.

Frequent workshops and talks are held in the school educating the students and the staff to take care of their health and self esteem.