Pragyan School aspires to create and sustain an environment in which the child can learn, explore and discover his own self.


In any educational institution the library plays an important parting the teaching learning experience. We at Pragyan believe that every student from the Pre - primary stage onwards should develop a love for books and read not only for information but also for sheer pleasure of it.

Keeping this in mind the school is equipped with a modern, well-stocked library. Our children look forward to their library periods with great enthusiasm. Sitting in the peaceful, well-lit library and learning the rules of using a library are important are important experiences for our young children. They discover the joy of opening a book and entering a new world.

The senior school library has a rich collection of over 15000 books and 20 periodicals. The collection of books is constantly enhanced by the members of library committee.

We encourage children to explore their interests with a wide variety of books and reference materials. Every student of our school is encouraged to read as it has been found that reading activity in young children is directly related to their love for learning not only in the lower classes but even later in life.