Pragyan School aspires to create and sustain an environment in which the child can learn, explore and discover his own self.


The Students are regularly exposed to practical exercises in the well equipped and modern laboratories.


Science Laboratories: Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs help to enhance the understanding of complex theoretical scientific concepts.

Maths Laboratory : Aweekly visit to the Math laboratory clarifies basic concepts of arithmetic and geometry with the help of practical exercises and various equipments.

To develop interest and clear the phobia of Maths, Pragyan School Collaborated with Educational Initiatives for MINDSPARK programme for classes III to VI. Mindspark is an individualized learning program that helps students achieve conceptual clarity, develop procedural fluency and get extensive practice at their learning pace. The Flow for Mindspark Maths is based on the curriculum of the school and the Topic Flow is customizable by the teacher to exactly mirror the work done in the class. Individualized access is given to each student and teacher to log-in during school time and, also, at home. Students get to work on the topics activated by the teacher. The adaptive logic ensures that the content and activities provided to the student from Mindspark are at the student’s level. The key elements provided to the students are Questions, Games, Remedials and Enrichment modules. Motivational tools like “Sparkies” help students stay motivated through the Mindspark experience.

English Laboratory : The students study the English language with the help of multimedia support. The experience of listening and viewing through audio-visual aids facilitates the students to comprehend and have a better understanding of the language.

Computer Laboratory : The laboratory has provision for enabling the children to work at their own pace with Computer-aided learning. The school has the Success Maker Solution - a software product of the Edu Vista Technologies. It provides a comprehensive solution for a curriculum in English Language, Arts, Mathematics and inter- disciplinary Sciences for Kindergarten to VIII standard. The availability of trained faculty members will ensure that each child is comfortable working on the machine and is familiar with its functioning.