Books, Bags and Stationary


The books and notebooks are available at:

Manvi Book House

F 16A, 1st Floor Central Market, Beta-I, Greater Noida

Telephone Nos. 0120-4290473, 9811670432

To encourage eco-friendliness, plastic covers on either books or notebooks are not permitted. The child will be encouraged to maintain and keep his/her books neatly.


  • Items of stationery like pencils, erasers, colour pencils, crayons, chart paper etc. will be provided to children up to Class  V. From January onwards, class V starts using pens, which are provided to children.
  • Students of Class  VI upwards, must carry their own stationery items such as pen, pencil and geometry box.
  • Notebooks if required may be covered with old newspaper and suitably decorated.



The books should be sent to the school on first day of session in a properly labelled school bag (for classes Nursery to II). The school bags are available at the uniform shop. Kindly write the name of the child on the books/notebooks along with the class and section in neat and legible writing. The column of subject as per requirement will be filled in by the teacher. The students of Nursery -  KG will use the bag to carry the books and notebooks home on weekends. However, students of class I to X shall carry home books daily as per the bag packing schedule.