Bag Packing Schedule

The books should be sent to school on the first day of the session in the properly labelled bag (for classes Nursery - II). Kindly write the name of the child on the books/ notebooks along with the class and section in neat and legible writing. The column of subject as per requirement will be filled in by the teacher. The students of Nursery – KG will use the bag to carry the books and notebooks home on weekends. However, students of classes I to X shall carry home books daily as per the bag packing schedule.

Bag Packing Schedule
Nursery - KG

Day Subject
1st, 3rd and 5th Friday All English, Hindi note books, work books & books
2nd and 4th Friday All Art, Maths and EVS notebooks, workbooks & books

Classes I to V
All textbooks, notebooks and workbooks of the subject will be sent home on the days specified.

Day I to IV V
Monday English as per recap. schedule
Tuesday Maths English
Wednesday Hindi Hindi
Thursday EVS EVS
Friday Maths, Drawing File Maths, Drawing File

Home Work Schedule

Home work assignments , for classes VI-XII, are limited to two everyday as per the schedule given below. Details of home work are intimated to the parents a week in advance. Submission of the assigned home work is done the very next day.






Classes (IX-X) Classes (XI-XII)
Monday Hindi, Sanskrit Maths, Hindi, Sanskrit Maths, Hindi/Sanskrit/ French English, B.Studies, History
Tuesday Maths, Science Maths, Science Maths, Phy, Chem Maths, Chemistry, Accountancy, Geography
Wednesday S.St, English S.St, English Geo, English, Comp Computer, Economics, Pol.Sc., Physics
Thursday Maths, Computer Maths, Hindi, Computer Maths, Hindi/Sanskrit/ French Economics, Biology, Accountancy, Maths
Friday S.St., Maths  English, S.St. Maths & Science Maths, Bio, English, Hist/Eco/Pol. Sc. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Pol. Sc., B.Studies, Accountancy