1. A Transport Declaration Form is required to be filled in by the parent.
  2. The bus routes are drawn up by the school as per requirement. Parents are welcome to ascertain the details from the school office.
  3. Students must travel by the route that is allotted to them. No changes will be allowed unless applied for in writing. Shifting to a new locality does not entitle the pupil to use the school bus without permission from the school authorities.
  4. A responsible person from the school is on duty in every vehicle with a mobile phone to keep connectivity with the school office. Please note down the telephone number of the route. Details on page-3.
  5. Parents are requested to ensure that the students are escorted to and from the bus stop. The escort must be at stop 5-10 minutes before arrival departure time of the bus.
  6. Behaviour in the bus should be courteous. Talking loudly and moving up and down in the bus is not permitted.
  7. As school services need to be evaluated from time to time, a suggestion book is placed in all school vehicles, to be used by parents for lodging any suggestion, complaint, non-compliance of time etc as and when required.
  8. Bus facility provided by the school is subject to availability of the seats in the bus.
  9. Guardians of walker students must carry the walker I Card. They will be allowed to enter the school only after verification of the I Card.
  10. Teachers are on duty for walker students, parents are requested to inform the teacher before taking their ward.
  11. A First Aid box is always available in the bus for any kind of emergency.