A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE

This is quite a famous proverb, but for me, I don`t follow such sayings or get in the least ispired. Think about it! Does one really feel that such incidents do happen in real life?I don`t, especially because I am doomed with bad luck. Whenever I go to do something good or fix a mistake, things go the other way around for me.

There are exceptions, of course. The best one being a week ago when my mother had to attend her best friend`s birthday party.Everything was going normal untill I broke the glass statue she was going to gift her. I was in  luck the first time, as no one was at home so I had time to fix it.

I tried everything but I just could not put it back together. I felt like crying in fear of the doom that awaited me, but that would be a childish thing for a fifteen year old to do.So I did the usual thing.I put it back into the box.When mother arrived, I behaved as if nothing had happened.

But mother is quite clever, and could tell from my nervouness and confused expression while roaming around the rooms that something was cooking.Now, she didn`t ask but waited.Finally, when I could not take her sarcastic and hypocritical jokes any more, I gave in and told her everything.I did so with my eyes closed and my hands clutching my dress.

Rather than scolding me, she smiled and went away. I was quite surprised. When I woke up the next morning I found her standing next to my bed with a glass figure in her hand. You could tell it had been put together with a lot of glue and tape, but it was a work of art.Mother smiled  and put it on my table. She said,"Remember, a stitch in time saves nine"

I honestly didn`t get what she meant, as I am quite bad at stitching and embroiderey, and on top of that what was the `nine`? So you see proverbs don`t help you understand but confuse you more. Whtever it may be be, as I think back, my mother`s affection and warm smile makes me feel good and happy from inside.

BY: Anchal Gupta-Class-XA