Euthanasia, The Need of the Hour (Debate)

In order to help our students enhance their knowledge about the current topics of the world, class X - B was given the topic - Euthanasia – The Need of the hour, to present their views in the form of a debate. They were asked to prepare it with the idea whether Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) should be supported in India or not. Some students spoke for the motion and some against. But firstly, they explained the meaning of what Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) is. They argued whether the countries having this law are able to keep up their stand or not? The students also said that people may take an undue advantage of this law. It was an excellent conversation where the students had researched well and then had made their minds speak. All of them had ample to questions to ask and discuss. I was an interesting and knowledgeable session.