Interact Club

Adult Literacy

Interact Club, Pragyan School, Greater Noida, has launched the noble activity of “Each one Teach one”.On July 30, interactors got the chance to become teacher, to teach one of the group D employees of the school. All the students who became the teachers were full of enthusiasm and all the employees who became students were amused but eager.

The experience became beneficial for both- the employees were happy to learn something new and the students experienced the perspective of teacher in the teaching-learning process.

The activity shall continue for the full academic year of 2018-2019.

Participation in Marathon

On 29 July, 2018 The Rotary District Organisation, Rotary International District 3012 has organised a Marathon in association with Delhi University Students Union. The theme selected for this event was “Run for fitness.” A team of 8 students and 3 teachers on behalf of Interact club, from Pragyan School, Greater Noida participated in this mega event with full enthusiasm and zeal. The race began from Arts Faculty; North Campus covering a distance of 5 Km. Certificates of participation was awarded to the students.

Collection Drive of Goodies

Interact Club, Pragyan School, and Greater Noida, always strives to have seamless interaction with the economically and socially disadvantaged sections of the society in order to be able to help and support, in any way it can, the members of such sections.

To that end, we undertake some activities from time to time at regular intervals.

The activity taken up in the month of July, 2018 is to arrange a visit to the “Guru VishramVridh Ashram” located at Kalkaji, New Delhi. The purpose is to meet the senior citizens numbering 108, who are residing there. We ardently hope that visit of our young students shall bring much cheer to these senior citizens, who are staying from their near and dear ones, due to compelling reasons, beyond their control.

We plan to give them gifts of:

  • Juice.
  • Namkeen (aaloobhujia).
  • Sugar-free or salted biscuits.

We are very happy to announce that we have been able to gather a reasonable amount of these items due to generosity of our parents and active co-operation of faculty members and other members of the staff.

Collection Drive of Raw Food

The Interact Club of Pragyan School always tries to improve the minds of the student members through social awareness. This is done by actively engaging them in constructive work programmes.

One such programme is sharing food with less privileged children of different neighborhoods of Greater Noida. The interactors went around the school, informing the students about the collection drive and persuading them to donate raw dal and rice. We sought the indulgence of the parents and guardians of our students, who generously contributed dal and rice. The raw food was later cooked and distributed to underprivileged.

Leftover food management

Pragyan has now adopted a social welfare programme wherein the left-over food of the school is being distributed among the ones who for some reason or the other can afford just one meal a day themselves. We believe that in this earnest endeavor of ours we inculcate in our children qualities of responsibility, sharing and help to the needy. The school has clubbed with Robin Hood Army (RHA) a prestigious organization, which undertakes this virtuous deed not just in India but even in other parts of the world.

Book Collection Drive

The Interact Club of Pragyan School Greater Noida tries to instill in the budding minds of our young students the pressing need to preserve our forests. We emphasize the need to avoid wastage of paper by proper utilization of previous year’s books by donating those books to people who need such books. For this noble cause we launched a collection drive for books in the school. The interactors went around the school, informing the teachers about the collection drive and persuading them to donate book(s) voluntarily. The drive was highly successful and 200 books were collected by our students. We were also motivated by the plea for this drive made by the Rotary Club of Ghaziabad, to whom these books were handed over.

This was a very pleasant experience for our students who were enthusiastic about this drive. We have been doing this collection every year and this has been possible due to whole hearted cooperation of parents and teachers.

We look forward to their continued cooperation in future.

Visit to an Orphanage

On May 10, students of the Interact club along with Ms. Palaviwent to UdayanGhar. There are around 36 girls in UdayanGhar. The students talked to many senior girls and their in charges of various activities and got to know very interesting things about stitching and embroidery, craft and many more.

Interactors donated clothes and stationary items to the girls residing there. It was an enriching experience for all of them.

Visit to Noida Deaf Society (NDS)

On May 7, students of Interact Club along with Ms. Mahashwetavisited Noida Deaf Society (NDS), Sector 117, Noida. It is a primary school that teaches kids who are deaf. They took part in an interactive session, distributed biscuits to the primary school students and learnt the Indian sign language for alphabets, numbers, days of the week and for months. They even had a conversation with the students of NDS using the sign language. Later in the day, students also shared their experience and learning with their teachers and fellow classmates. It was an enriching experience for all of them.

Visit to Surajpur

The Interact Club of Pragyan School always tries to instil feelings of empathy and sympathy in the minds of young students to enable them to seamlessly adjust with the outside world, which is beyond the protective confines of the school. To that end, the student members of the club get acquainted with the less privileged sections of the society from time to time.

On May 1, the student members of Interact Club along with MsMonaBatra, arranged a novel lunch meet with the children of economically weaker sections of the neighborhood of Surajpur. Raw food items were collected food was cooked and was shared with those children.