Interact Club

It is always the endeavour of Interact Club of Pragyan School to inculcate moral and ethical values to the budding minds of our students. Interact Club provides a platform for the students to learn the realities of life vis-à-vis interaction with members of society who are not as privileged as our students at this point of time. On April, 19 2018, our student members had a unique and happy experience.

On this day, at the kind of initiative of our respected Principal, Ms Ruchika Sharma, our student members had the opportunity to share breakfast with young boys and girls of Echhar and nearby villages.

Mr.RoyT.Bennet has very rightly observed:” Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return.” Our student members realized the true meaning of these words through this occasion.

The programme was smoothly organised with the co-operation of Robin Hood Organisation, an NGO, which work towards the upliftment of the less-privileged children by providing them food, clothes and other necessities of life.

We welcome active contributions of our parents so that such activities can be performed again.