Health & Wellness Club

Studies & Stress

On 23rd January 2018 the students of classes X-XII were advised on how to manage "Studies and Stress" by eminent psychologist from Fortis Hospital, Noida. This was carried out in the School Auditorium by, Ms. Shreya and Ms. Rashmi. They focused on how students can be high achievers while leading a balanced life. They gave easy- to- follow tips on the topic which could be easily understood by the students. This was an enriching experience for the students and will help them to be productive. This was much needed, as the students are going to appear for their final examinations in the near future and will also prime them for a successful academic career during their time at Pragyan. This was followed by another workshop "Bully to Buddy”. The students were explained in detail about various situations where they may be bullied, the ways to handle and come out of the stress arising out of such situations. They were also thoroughly informed about various impacts which being bullied may cause to their personal, academic and social life. A skit was also presented on the topic. The session was extremely interactive and productive for the students.

Health & Hygiene

A workshop was conducted by Bakson Homeopathy Hospital to raise awareness about the Health and Hygiene among young children. This was for students of Classes IV-VIII in the school Auditorium on Thursday, January 25, 2018. The students were informed about the advantages of healthy eating, balanced diet, food pyramid and the various nutrients found in the food items. They were also informed about the advantages of personal hygiene. The workshop focused on all aspects of keeping their bodies clean and preventing the spread of germs by following certain practices such as washing hands before meals, covering the mouth when coughing and bathing regularly. Other additional practices which we follow to create a neat appearance including brushing teeth, oiling and combing hair, trimming nails and wearing clean clothes and footwear. The students learnt how to manage their personal hygiene and to be able to conduct them in a manner that will set a good example for the school as well as increase a sense of pride and self-respect.

Pollution-causes and ways to overcome it

On behalf of Health and Wellness club two students of class 7A, Dhwani and Shivalik presented a power-point presentation on 30th Jan 2018 during assembly time on the topic "Pollution - causes and ways to overcome it". They spoke in length about how globalization, population explosion and industrial development has contributed to environmental pollution and how several respiratory and skin diseases are caused by pollution. They also suggested various ways of how we all can contribute to reduce pollution by bringing little changes in our habits and lifestyle.