Talk Show with Team Jamghat

Pragyan School, 28th April 2017

Today the Pragyan School auditorium came alive with the first session of Teen Jamghat, a unique talk show about unsung heroes. The show was organised by team "TeenOpino" which is a new website portal for teens and their opinions.In this interactive session, the talk show host Mrs. Richa Anirudha , an eminent journalist and editor- in-chief, School Live magazine began the show. Ms Richa Anirudha is a well known face of Hindi television news. She is best known for hosting the talk show ‘Zindagi Live’ on IBN7, which won the Best Talk show award in all its 6 seasons. Zindagi Live was a powerhouse of emotions and raised many burning social issues.

In today’s talk show, the two young achievers talked about their journey of following their passion and the challenges they faced. The two young achievers for today's Teen Jamghat were  Nadia Nighat –the first woman football coach in J & K and Pradyut Voleti –the founder of Dribble Academy – a basketball academy for underprivileged children in Gheja village, Noida.

This was followed by an interactive session between our students and the two young achievers and of course, a lot of fan-following and autograph taking!!  

The Principal Mrs. Ruchika Sharma presented the vote of thanks to the team of TEENOPINO and the two young achievers.