Green Crusaders Cycling Event

Pragyan School, 29th April 2017, 6:30 AM,


The Health and Wellness club of Pragyan School organised a Cycling event on Saturday, 29th April. Over 50 students, 20 teachers and 20 parents participated in this event. The students started the event at 6.30 AM, travelled a distance of 13 Kms and reached back to school at around 7.40 AM. The tired but invigorated students had bananas and lemonade and rested for a while in school. The Health and Wellness club promotes the well being of a person's body, mind and spirit. Promoting Cycling results in promoting all of these. Cycling in a group instils values of camaraderie, responsibility, and a feeling of being independent. This event promoted healthy living in a fun and social way.