Ecology Club

“GSP 2017-18 :Green School Award and Food Category Award”

Centre of Science & Environment conduct Green Schools Programme. It is an environmental education programme directed to subtly sensitizing students to the environment through hands-on and thought provoking activities. It is also an environment management system that audits, through students, the consumption of natural resources within school campuses and helps schools become good environmental managers by deploying pragmatic solutions to reduce wastage of precious resources. It helps schools audit their use of resources and map their consumption and wastage. The exercise involves collection of information under the following heads: Air, Energy, Food, Land, Water, and Waste.

This year, 2,863 schools from 29 states and five Union Territories registered for the GSP environmental audit. 13 schools out of 34 shortlisted were presented awards in various categories. These awards recognise the best practices in individual categories of the GSP Audit 2017. With immense pleasure and pride we share with you that our school Ecology Club receives the Best School award in the FOOD CATEGORY & the GREEN SCHOOL AWARD based on their overall performance in resource efficiency within the school premises.

“Distributing Recycled Notebooks & Pencils”

On 29/11/17, a group of five students along with Ms. Richa Palni on behalf of Eco-Club went to the Nirbhed Foundation, Ghaziabad to spread the joy by distributing the recycled notebooks and pencils. These recycled products are given by Green-O-Tech India in return of the collected old newspapers(540 Kg) by the contribution given by the students and Parents. Students interacted and helped those children to understand the importance of education and recycling of paper.