Class VI

                             Outing to the National Philatelic Museum, New Delhi


On 23 February, 2016, students of classes VI A and B went on an educational outing to the National Philatelic Museum, New Delhi,

This visit was enjoyed by the students as a new world of stamps was thrown open to them. An official of the Museum took an informative session with the students telling them a brief history of postal system in India.

They were informed about basic and picture postcards with the help of samples and were provided postcards by the museum official to compose a brief letter to their Principal about their visit to the Museum. This activity was enthusiastically taken up by the students. They expressed their gratitude to the school Principal for arranging this interesting learning experience.

Mr. Calvin, the museum official guided the students to fill in the receiver’s address correctly in the space provided and spoke on the function and importance of PIN CODE. Students were informed about the collection and the sorting of post meant for various destinations throughout the country and abroad.