BBC News School Report Project

BBC News School Report Project
Run by the British Council in partnership with the BBC- British Broadcasting Corporation


The students created video and audio news report  of the Annual Day and the Annual Exhibition and the celebration held on 19th November 2011.

For the Community Outreach Programme the students took up the issue of traffic Violation in Greater Noida. They shot videos of vehicles going the wrong way at many roundabouts in Greater Noida, People not crossing the road from the Zebra Crossing, Absence of Traffic Lights at busy junctions, Use of mobile by pedestrians crossing the road.

Subsequently, they took an appointment and met the Traffic inspector Mr. Shaifuddin Beigh at the Police headquarters, Sector 14A Noida on 5th December 2011. He enlightened the children on various traffic rules and regulations. He also gave a message for the public on  importance of following the traffic rules and the risk involved if not abiding them.

A workshop was, thereafter conducted by the personnel from the traffic department in the school campus on 7/12/11 to create awareness amongst the students about the traffic rules and regulations.